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Hello Lovelies,

Over the past few weeks, I have been in various conversations with friends and family from coast to coast. We talked and talked ( as women do) about all of the things going on in our lives – good, bad and indifferent! As I replayed several of the conversations in my mind, I realized that one central theme kept coming up – TRANSITIONSYou see my darling, we ALL go through transitions in life and each new season has its own set of challenges that causes us to shift adjust and have to make changes in our lives.

I just experienced drastic transitions on my job and now I am adjusting to a new position and new role. Additionally, I experienced some transitions in my ministry and within my family. With that, I started to re-evaluate my life, my goals and exactly what I wanted to do as a fabulous forty (something) year old!
I decided that I was going to reinvent myself, Out with the OLD and in with the NEW! I was going to update my style, take better care of myself and begin the process of doing some of the things that I have always wanted to do, but I thought – “Oh I can’t do that right now”.  Well, when life’s transitions happen it forces you to make a decision – move forward or stay stagnant. I just decided that I did not want to remain stagnant.

I want to do new things, I want to do different things. I am young, healthy and really have no excuse – AT ALL! So, I decided to get out of my own way and really go forth and start my website and start my non-profit organization. It had been my goal and dream for years – but I came up with one reason after another why I could not do it.

So, my lovely what lessons can we glean here?  As Paul says in one of his 14 epistles – “What can we say to all these things?” I have to agree with Paul that we are more than conquerors – but we have to conquer our own fear of change.  I have concluded that transitions  are a part of life.  It is not so much as having a transition but it is “how” we make the transition that helps or hinders us.  One of my favorite songs that we sing in our church simply says – “Time is filled with swift transition naught of earth unmoved can stand, build your hopes on things eternal, Hold to God’s unchanging hand.”  

My lovely sister whatever you do, whatever transition you are experiencing – HOLD ON TO GOD’S UNCHANGING HAND!

“Light precedes every transition. Whether at the end of a tunnel, through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea, it is always there, heralding a new beginning”. – Teresa Tansky, The Transition Witness

Have you experienced any transitions lately? Share your experience, I would love to hear from you!




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  1. This is very true. I have transitioned into a new decade!! THE THIRTIES!!! I never was one to fear getting older, I actually couldn’t wait till I was anything other than a teenager or a young adult because we know NOTHING!!! I found though that as I got closer to 30 things were changing. My emotions, my relationships with friends and loved ones, and even my career. It all seem to happen at once though and it was a little overwhelming. I was like UMMM WHAT IS GOING ON WHO AM I!!!?? As soon as my 30th birthday came this past July 16th (shout out to my birthday) I immediately felt a calm like okay this is a new me and I will embrace it, and whatever i decide I am going to be happy. I just want to feel okay with everything that happens moving forward. I want to learn to pray things through and not get myself into panic mode. I would like to cruise through thirty in every area of my life instead of being so confused and quick to move like in my twenties. I want to think about stuff and seek the Lord first and then decide! Oh and my weight seems to be sticking on more than before! WHAT’S THAT ABOUT! lol. Anyways, I am loving this site!! I’ll be a faithful fan!!

    1. Rae Rae, you bring up some valid points. It is really how we decide that we are going to respond to all the various transitions in our lives and that i s what shapes into who we are! I love your engagement in this post!

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