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To my sister and my friend

I currently have several different reading plans that I utilize on my YouVersion Bible App. One of my favorites is a 5-day reading plan from Dick and Ruth Foth entitled “Finding Deep Friendships in a Shallow World”. These readings inspired me to think about friendships that I have with specific women in my life and I started to examine the things that made those relationships so strong and meaningful.

Dick and Ruth talk about how modern technology and social media gives us wide relationships but not necessarily deep relationships. As I thought about it, they are absolutely correct!  Deep and meaningful relationships don’t just happen based on some comments and a few hundred likes on a post.  Meaningful relationships take work, effort and most importantly human interaction.

I think this is so important for women. We need this more than ever! We are inundated with images of women who have  “shallow friendships” built on tearing each other down and stabbing each other in the back.  These are not healthy images of female friendship and sisterhood.

This 5-day reading plan really encouraged me not only about my friendships but encouraged me with my blog. I am more determined than ever to continue on my path of encouraging and celebrating other women.

 Always remember that empowered women, empower other women!

Here are 3 tips to help strengthen your current relationships and perhaps you may be able to repair relationships that are not as strong.

1. Send a hand-written note versus just sending a text or an emoji. I recently sent several hand-written notes to friends that I did not talk to on a regular basis.  The response was overwhelming and really helped to strengthen our bond as friends and sisters in Christ.

2. Go old-school and pick up the phone and call. Whoa! What a revelation? (smile) Dialing the number instead of sending a text or email, can sometimes ease difficult conversations.

3. Tell your friends how much you value being with them. It can mean so much to a person if you just let them know how you feel being with them versus when you communicate via text, email or social media. Try using phrases like “Hey, I really enjoy the time we spend together” or ” I love when I can see you in person” or “Being with you is so special to me

“Friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”


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