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The dirty little 2-letter word-“NO”

Lovelies, lovelies, lovelies as my darling friend Chanika says – “Let’s talk about——-”

What is it about this little two letter word that seems so difficult for us to say?

As busy mothers, wives, professionals, first ladies, preachers, etc. we all LOVE to put on our gorgeous capes and be everybody’s “SHE-RO“. I know, I admit I am queen of the “wonder woman” club and believe me- I am a card carrying member!wonderwomanmug

BUT, at this stage of my life I have learned that it is okay to say NO! I know, I know some of you are gasping for breath – it pains me to even type the words on the screen. YES, you gorgeous creature – IT.IS.OKAY to say NO!

It is not a sin nor is it a crime not to house everyone for your next revival, district meeting, church conference, etc. etc.

It is okay to say- No, I am tired and I need a MOMENT! (Thanks First Lady Yasmine Robinson)

Ladies, we have to realize that if we do not take the time to be realistic about what we can and cannot accomplish at any specific time – we are hurting ourselves and thereby hurting our families, our friends and our church (ministry) It is just not healthy!

So, let’s practice:

  • No (English)
  • Nee(Dutch)
  • Non(French)
  • Nein (German)
  • Bu`(Chinese)
  • Nah Boo( ebonics)

Whatever language you speak it all adds up to you taking control of your life and being assertive!

Side Note: For my darling young girls, teens and young adult girls when dealing with boys,guys and men – always remember that NO means NO!


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