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Hello Lovelies!

Have you come to the place where you are just waiting on the Lord to move in a certain matter in your life?  I am definitely in that place right now. I am waiting on the Lord. My life is not perfect, I just choose to present myself as a woman of God with class and dignity.There are some people who think that you have to “look” how you feel. I have been “criticized” by people who tell me to stop looking and acting like my life is perfect. Has anyone else ever been the victim of that?  Geez! I have had people tell me that I am not being honest by acting like my life is perfect. Well, I am sorry friends but I 100% disagree! My mother always taught me to look my best and present myself with decency and class no matter how I feel. And no matter what is going on in my life.

Growing up, I watched my mother go through many, many difficult situations and she always managed to pull herself together and present herself in a dignified and classy manner. She NEVER looked how she felt.  I do not believe that she was giving a false image by pulling herself together, I think she was showing how to be classy and ladylike in the face of adversity.

So, just because I feel like a “hot mess” does not mean that I am going to look like it, if I have to go out in public. Aaaaaaand I am certainly not going to post it on social media. Some people call themselves being “real” by posting photos of bad hair days, posting photos when they are sick or having a bad day but I DISAGREE.  I am no less real! I have struggles. I have bad days. I have bad hair days. The spirit of life (i.e the Holy Spirit) that dwells within helps me to get up, do the best I can (bad hair day or not) and face the world.

Be encouraged and wait on the Lord! While you are waiting be STYLISH, STEADFAST and CONTENT!

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