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How to Style Your Home Like A Boss

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Fall is slowly approaching again. Everyone is heading out of their current home or moving into someone place new. If packing wasn’t draining enough, moving costs and other fees can add up quickly plus your energy depletes, making it hard to plan for future decorating or housewarming parties to start!  Moving is only half of the battle. Trying to make your new home look put together is a whole different task to take on. I’ve looked at some high and low tricks to help make your space look a bit more sophisticated without all the hassle and frustration. If you’re wanting to update your present pad or start your new place off the right way, keep reading these 7 tips to help you, and your home, look like you have everything in order!

  1. Mini Bar- Few things make a home feel more adult than a well-stocked mini-bar. Not only are you always prepared for an impromptu party, you’re also likely to save lots of money in the long run (how grown-up of you!) by drinking at home instead of at the bars. Plus, bar carts are super cute and affordable — as are neat end tables — and just as fun to stock.

  2. Home Office- Whether or not you actually work from home, a designated home office is crucial for ensuring interior harmony. In addition to defining a specific space for completing all of your to-dos — paying bills, doing taxes, applying for jobs — it gives you a place to properly organize your paperwork, stationery, and other adult miscellany. Anchor the nook with a sleek workstation, and never sweat an ink stain on your sofa again.

  3. Framing Pictures- When it comes to grown-up decorating, a little framing goes a long way. Whether your art collection consists of band posters or original oil works, a good frame will always take you to the next level of refinement. If you’re watching your pocketbook, just stick with one big frame. Or if you’re looking to switch things up, buy small ones in bulk and go for something salon-style. Lacking actual artwork? No worries. There are plenty of affordable options to pick from.

matchingdishes.jpgImage: Pinterest

  1. Matching Dishes- While most of us have learned to make do with takeout boxes and plastic forks in place of traditional tableware, it’s amazing what buying a simple set of matching dishes can do for you. Functional and endlessly elegant, white dinnerware is easy to come by and always looks put-together, regardless of what you’re serving. Throw in some fancy flatware and you’ll swear delivery never looked so good.

767_1351837767_Hanex_Sandbank_1b.jpgImage: Hanwha Surfaces

  1. Fabulous Countertops- Nothing is more inviting than clean, crisp, clutter free counter tops, especially in the most used room of your house; the kitchen! My favorite countertops are located right here in Georgia and made from some of the finest materials; HanStone Quarts. Hanwha Surfaces makes gorgeous countertops from this stone  HanStone Quartz is a stone surface made from pure, natural quartz. HanStone Quartz offers the natural beauty of quartz with up to six times the strength and durability of granite which makes it great to eat, enjoy and feel safe using day in and day out with friends and family over.

plant.jpgImage: Pinterest

  1. Greenery- I’m not saying that buying a plant will automatically make you an adult, but we do believe that taking care of any living thing requires a certain level of maturity. That’s why having a well-nourished houseplant in your apartment not only looks sophisticated, it also suggests — with minimal effort — that you, well, actually know how to nurture something.

  2. Organize Your Closets- Never underestimate the power of a well-organized closet. Seemingly insignificant systems like color-grouped dresses and shirts hung by sleeve length can actually save you loads of time when you’re pulling together outfits while making all your old stuff feel exciting and new. Display your purses on a mod shoe rack or your hats in a chic sweater box and let your killer wardrobe do the talking.

Now that you know some ways to style your new home like a boss, what are some things you are going to do to make your house look like you have everything together? Change out your old chair for a new one? How about adding a new throw rug to that shabby carpet! The possibilities are endless!

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