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OOTD – Mint Green Jumpsuit

What can I say Lovelies? I have a serious obsession with Jumpsuits and today’s look is sponsored by FADCOVERI was scrolling through Pinterest which I hate to admit is one of my favorite downtime activities.  I love laying on my reclining chair or sitting in my Cafe’ and just scrolling through all the pretty outfits and delicious recipes on Pinterest

When I came across this jumpsuit, I was smitten! I went to the website and saw that it came in a variety of colors and seemed to fit the women in the photos pretty well. I decided to go ahead and order it. It was a struggle to determine the size because many of these online companies have different sizing for their clothes and many items tend to run small. So, I opted for a large and just hoped for the best!

It took about 2 weeks for my package to arrive and I nervously opened the package and ran to try it on.  Much to my surprise, it was a perfect fit.  It was not too long, it was a decent length for someone my size (which is about 5’3). So here are a few reasons why I love the jumper and a few reasons that could make it better.


  1. Very comfortable
  2. Comes in a variety of colors
  3. Nice for Shorter people like me
  4. Super, cute and a nice fit


  1. If I order another one ( which I probably will), I would order an XL, which would give me a little more length. The one I have currently is a nice length but if I ever wanted to dress it up with heels, it would be too short!
  2. The only other thing I would change is the fact that Jumpers are not conducive to using the lady’s room! lol…… I mean let’s face it, ladies, you have to basically get undressed when you are wearing a jumper and nature calls! But, let’s face it – it is the price we are willing to pay to look FABULOUS! Am I right? Of course, I am! (smile)
  3. Lastly, and of course, I am being completely mischievous! (cue evil laugh) But let me just say that if I could, I would pass a law banning designers from making these for men. I mean this whole “man rompers” trend has got to stop!



                       Guys, we look better in rompers or jumpers! Leave them for us!


Happy Styling Lovelies!


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FADCOVER Jumpsuit from Pinterest
FADCOVER Mint Green Jumpsuit

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