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How to Layer like a Slayer this Fall

Hello Lovelies! It is officially Fall, but we are patiently waiting on the cooler temperatures to come and help us really embrace the season. If your city is anything like my city, it is still pretty hot. I mean temperatures well into the 90’s on a regular basis. So, if you are like me, the struggle is REAL on what to wear and how to dress each day.

After reading several fashion magazines, other fashion blogs and searching through Pinterest and Polyvore for the latest trends, I have come to the conclusion that layering is the best way to dress for this transitional weather.  So check out my list of 3 items to help you “Layer like a Slayer” this fall.

Happy Styling!

1.Blazer – A nice blazer is the best way to transition to the Fall weather. These lightweight jackets have proven to be the most versatile item that you will have in your closet this year. They can be worn casually, or  used to add a polished look to most outfits. No matter what your size or shape, just find the right blazer for your size and body type and you will sure to be trendy this fall.


2. Scarves – Scarves are something that can enhance your look and add an extra touch of style to an otherwise ordinary looking outfit. Scarves are also a perfect accessory in this transitional weather.  There are so many, many ways to rock a scarf. So be creative and find a way to work a scarf into your outfit and go forth and slay the game this Fall!

3. Cardigan/Duster – who can forget one of my favorite articles of clothing?  A cardigan or duster was my go to clothing item for much of Spring/Summer and now as we transition into fall, cardigans/dusters make the list again.



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