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More than just a pretty face

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome to new version of the She-Ro Shout Out.  Over the next several months I want to promote various campaigns that are centered around themes surrounding body image, meaning of true beauty and other topics relevant for young and old women. How does that sound? I think it will give us a chance to share in the triumphs and understand some of the challenges that we all face as women.  The first article in this new series highlights the importance of inward beauty, intelligence and virtuous character. Enjoy! Our society places a lot of emphasis on the outward beauty and there are those who have strong opinions for both sides of the argument. Some people say you should not be overly concerned with clothes, make-up, hair  or outward appearance. These naysayers contend that concerning yourself with those things make you “flighty” and could hinder you from being taken seriously.

“More than just a pretty face” is not really about how we think of ourselves but it lies in how others perceive us.  People may see nice clothes, make-up, nice hair, etc. but it is not until they interact with us that they find out who we really are.  Sometimes, we can be very “UGLY” inside which can sometimes cloud physical attributes.
The message is clear loves, let’s strive to be women of substance. Women of integrity. Women of character. Graceful women who build up rather than tear down.
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