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Fashion forward, Stuck in the middle or Sadly backwards?

Lovely Fashionista Friends,

Let me tell you about an experience that I had which not only gave me a new perspective on fashion but it changed my thinking about what my fashion says about me and how I present myself to the world.  I was recently invited by a darling friend and mentee – Shirley Elle ( The Definition of Chic).  She was one of the  features for the September She-Ro Shout Out. And if you are wondering what I am referring to, you should go the back to my blog archives and check her out in the September issue.  Well, Shirley Elle was presenting her Spring 2016 collection at one of her premier Fashion Shows  arranged by the amazing Kabrea Thomas, founder of Fashionablyyours ( in Brooklyn, New York.

I was attending the fashion show with some other young friends and we were all so excited and thrilled to have the chance to attend a “real”, “live” fashion show!  I mean really, we were beyond thrilled.  I started looking online, browsing through Amazon and I just knew I was going to find the perfect outfit for my first “real” fashion show.  I had this vision of sequins, so I looked on Pinterest for ideas on how to style sequins. I even googled what to wear to a fashion show.  The results were not that helpful, there was so much information that basically stated that you wear what you want to a fashion show, depending on who you are and your relationship to the world of fashion.  So, I ordered a sequins top, a sequins skirt and also some sequins converse.  Now, before you bust out in laughter, I WAS NOT PLANNING ON WEARING ALL OF THOSE ITEMS TOGETHER OR AT THE SAME TIME! I was trying to create several different looks.

Tell Me More is spreading the laughter this summer.

So, the first part of my trip was spent in Philadelphia, PA were I spent some quality time with a couple of my BFF’s and church family.  Our plan was to drive into Brooklyn with Shirley Elle and spend the day sight-seeing around New York until it was time for the show.  We purchased our tickets online and were ready to conquer New York City, until we looked at a special note that was sent with the ticket – DRESS ATTIRE FOR THE FASHION SHOW WAS FASHION FORWARD!!!!  WHAAAAAAAAAAT????????? What in the world did that mean?  I was a nervous wreck, suddenly all of sequins and all of the ideas that I pictured in my head and all of the ideas that I had saved on Pinterest did not seem Fashion Forward enough.

Here we are the Friday night before the fashion show trying to put together new outfits that represented “Fashion Forward”.  Man, we were a sight to see!  My dear, dear friend – Dr. Crystal Lucky (who was also featured in the September She-Ro Shout Out) happens to have an AMAZING endless closet that takes up the third floor of her house. I mean, shoes, handbags, dresses, hats, jewelry, you name it, she had an endless supply of it. Since it was too late to go to the store, we just shopped in her closet and luckily for me, her and I wear the same size shoes! YAY!

After hours and hours of trying outfits, shoes, accessories and other items – I scored on a super cute outfit that was  TRENDY, CUTE, WARM ( Afterall we were going to be in New York) and most importantly it turned out to be FASHION FORWARD!

Fierce, Fabulous and Fashion Forward in New York City! Not to mention SAVED and Filled with the HOLY SPIRIT!

So, what lessons did  I learn in all of this?

  1. Fashion is something that comes from within you – Ralph Lauren
  2. Fashion is what people wear, not only what you see on the runway – Karl Lagerfeld
  3. Fashions fade, style is eternal – Yves Saint Laurent
  4. Don’t change to fit the fashion, change fashion to fit you – Inescapable Beauty
  5. Clothes aren’t going to change the world. the women who wear them will – Anne Klein








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  1. Absolutely love this….The clothes don’t make me….I make the clothes!! I’m gonna be Bold, Be Fearless…and be MYSELF!!!

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