Stylish, Steadfast and Content

Hello Lovelies! Have you come to the place where you are just waiting on the Lord to move in a certain matter in your life?  I am definitely in that place right now. I am waiting on the Lord. My life is not perfect, I just choose to present myself as a woman of God with […]

DIY Holiday decor

DIY Christmas Decor

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas every where you go! Even with unpredictable weather this is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of the year!  I love decorating, I love all of the fuss of big holiday meals, I love Christmas music, let’s just be honest I just love it ALL!

3 Reasons Every Woman Needs Her Own Space

It’s no secret that a woman’s touch makes a house a home. We love decorating, adding our own unique family treasures, and creating a warm inviting space for our family. Some experts believe that one’s external expression of style and/or decor mirrors our inner sense of self.

7 Things Your Child Needs to Hear You Say

Hello Parents, Our children are constantly bombarded with negative messages that create feelings of doubt, discouragement and inadequacy. This occurs at such an early age and it is our duty as parents to do what we can to counteract these messages.  The world is such a different place for our kids, let’s face it – […]