Stress: Let’s Talk about it

We are all stressed, often about several things. There are healthy ways to let go of that stress once it builds such as exercising, prayer, listening to music, or enjoying our hobbies. But how often do we deal with the source of the stress? Here are some ideas that could help identify and reduce the […]

Turkey Talk

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Let’s talk about that beautiful bird called the Turkey! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year and I think it is because I really love cooking the Thanksgiving meal and really I just love the holidays!  yes, I am one of those people who have been listening to Christmas […]

Birthday Reflections

Happy Birthday to me and all the other beautiful queens born in October!  Today is my birthday and I am so grateful to God for giving me another year of life.  Every year on my birthday, I feel like it is a chance for me to start new. I am grateful for where I have […]

Dorm Room DIY

My oldest daughter – Heaven just started her Freshman year at Vanderbilt University. Yay! Moving her into her dorm was filled with so many emotions, tears of joys, nervous anticipation, and so much excitement! It has been really difficult to fully articulate how I was and feeling and I how I am still feeling.  I […]

How to Style Your Home Like A Boss

** This is a sponsored post ** Fall is slowly approaching again. Everyone is heading out of their current home or moving into someone place new. If packing wasn’t draining enough, moving costs and other fees can add up quickly plus your energy depletes, making it hard to plan for future decorating or housewarming parties […]