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Bold, Bright & Beautiful!

Hello Loves!

As you know I am a huge fan of color. The more colors I wear, the more I realize that many women, especially women of color, are intimidated by bright and bold clothing. They often marvel at my boldness in wearing bright and bold colors and wonder how I have enough “nerve” to wear such things.

My parents are Nigerian so quite naturally, bright, beautiful colors are part of my heritage.  And I love it! It is not that I am trying to get noticed per se but I don’t mind standing out.  I look to God’s creations for inspiration and if we would just look around us we will see that God himself loves vivid colors. The whole earth is full of bright, bold and vivid colors.  The bible tells us in Matthew 6:28: Consider the Lilies of the field…..” and I do consider the Lilies of the field. I look at how they bloom and grow regardless of the world around them. If you look at a garden, none of the flowers cease to bloom because another flower is blooming bright. So, we should take that example and stop being afraid to shine and blossom wherever we are planted.

Be inspired my loves! Be Bold! Be Bright! Be the beautiful, colorful flower that God intended for you to be!

  • Skirt – DAS Designs
  • Blue Blouse – Calvin Klein

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