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Beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes

Mattel unveiled a new series of Barbie dolls that highlight and celebrate diversity.  The dolls now come in three new body types and a variety of skin tones and hair styles.  This is such an exciting win for little girls and women from all over the world!

I give major props to the company for recognizing the need for more diversity in the dolls.  At such an early age, our children are flooded with images that shape their perceptions about body image and beauty.  As a parent of two girls, it has always been my goal to teach my daughters that beauty comes in a variety of shades and colors.  When my girls were younger, I was often criticized by friends and family because I was always very intentional about the types of dolls that I would purchase.

I was deliberate in my efforts to send a message that beauty was not based on one particular skin color, hair type or body shape.  Now, what kind of mother would I have been if I allowed my girls to only have one image of beauty.  I am a darker skinned black woman who married a bi-racial mixed man which resulted in beautiful multi-racial children.  How could I teach them about beauty without celebrating the diverse beauty that exist in their own family?

As a parent, I am delighted that Mattel was not afraid to create a doll that is more reflective of the world that our children live in. This has the potential to shape the images of beauty for both boys and girls.

Thank you Mattel, Well Done!

Beautiful Black Barbie
The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people!



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