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If Apostle Paul wrote us a letter in “2016”

Hello Lovely Friends!

If Apostle Paul was alive in 2016 what would he say to the saints? To the church?  This post is dedicated to our founder and presiding Bishop – Dr. Joseph White. He was teaching a seminar in Greenville, SC late last year and this one point in particular stuck with me , he simply said – “If Paul were alive today, what kind of letter would he write to us?” I wrote it down in my notebook and it got me thinking about the “State of the Church” and the kinds of things that would cause Paul to write an epistle to us.


I am not comparing myself to Apostle Paul in any way, shape or form,  I am simply using this blog as a creative tool to imagine what Paul would or could say to us based on his writings and what I have studied of Paul’s ministry through the word of God.

This article is a light-hearted look at our use of social media as Christians, believers and/or those who profess to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Social Media has become a large part of the fabric of our culture and society and with so many options on how to connect with other people, I think it is wise to think about these things. I think it would benefit us to just take a look at  there is “how” we share through social media, “what” we share through social media and how this affects our lives as a believer.

I believe that the Corinthian church was probably much like the churches of today – filled with a large congregations and a lot of “Corinthian style” preachers. I believe Paul would give us admonitions regarding our social media in this manner:


Whether therefore ye eat,  or drink, or whatsoever ye do [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Blog, Google Plus], do all to the glory of God”  I Corinthians 10:31

Now, of course you will have those that say well he didn’t say [Periscope] so it must not be included, it did not specifically say [texting] so it must be okay.  Doesn’t that sound just like what we do to God’s word today?  (smile) Beloved friends the main idea is that we need to be mindful of our social media presence and always remember that everything we do must reflect the light that we have within us.  Use these 10 tips as guidelines and don’t let social media dim your light.

  1. Be mindful of your motive and reason for using social media. Are you using it to be “messy” and/or  “cause confusion”?
  2. Learn how to regulate yourself – how much of your time does it take each day?
  3. Are you using it safely? (In other words – texting while driving)
  4. Are you neglecting other more important things in your life because you have to tweet, text, like or follow?
  5. Does your social media interaction lead you to other places on the internet that may grieve the holy spirit?
  6. Be mindful of reposting images from other people and sources – Christians often repost images without realizing that the post has “profanity” or “inaproriate” messages
  7. Be mindful of “worldly” humor that is not becoming a child of God, I know some things are funny but just be careful!
  8. Does your online “Profile” match your offline “Profile”? ( For my young people)
  9. If you are a parent – are you monitoring your child’s social media and/or internet activity? ( If the child is under 18)
  10. Last but not least – posting a million messages about Jesus and asking people to type “AMEN” if they believe it does not make you seem holy it is just annoying! (smile)

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