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7 Things Your Child Needs to Hear You Say

Hello Parents,

Our children are constantly bombarded with negative messages that create feelings of doubt, discouragement and inadequacy. This occurs at such an early age and it is our duty as parents to do what we can to counteract these messages.  The world is such a different place for our kids, let’s face it – It is not the same “world”  that we grew up in.  So, what can we do?

Parents, you must understand that you have the power to counteract these messages by being affirming and encouraging. It is not the job of teachers or other individuals in society to be the role models for our children. It is our job and our duty! Here are seven simple things that you can incorporate into your parenting.  I know they seem very simple but I have started incorporating some of these things into my relationships with my daughters and I have noticed that they seem to feel more validated.

  1. I love You – don’t be skimpy with telling your children that you love them, children need to hear it often
  2. I am Proud of You – It is important to let your child know that you are proud of them even for the smallest accomplishments
  3. I am Sorry – this may be hard for many parents but I cannot stress how important it is for children to hear this from their parents. It shows that parents can sometimes make mistakes and it reinforces positive behavior in terms of apologizing when you do something wrong
  4. I am listening  – It is important for children to know that you are listening to them which encourages open communication
  5. You Are Special – Find something about your child that makes them standout from others, it will really help boost confidence and self esteem
  6. This is your responsibility – Preface your request for chores, house cleaning, taking out the pet, etc. which will lead the children to understand how to keep up with their responsibilities
  7. I Forgive You – It is important that once correction has taken place you show the child that you are no longer angry and that you have let it go and you are not holding this against your child.






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