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4 Easy Steps to Dress Up a T-Shirt

Hello Lovelies,

As believers we are constantly bombarded with images that defy our God, mock our faith and poke fun at our basic values and ideals.  We often experience subtle persecution because of our values, beliefs and Faith in God.  Many of us feel that we have been backed into a corner and cannot openly express our beliefs without being scrutinized or unfairly judged because we say we are a believer.  I was searching though Pinterest recently and came across several merchants and designers who have developed various “Faith-Based” merchandise and clothing.  It was such an interesting idea that I posted an article about it in my January blog. So, this month I decided show some ways that you can creatively dress up a message T-shirt even in the work environment.

I love this whole idea of a message tee and there are 4 easy ways to look put together, trendy and fashionable while wearing a t-shirt with words or print. You can look mature, chic and very stylish by using 4 easy guidelines:

  1. Tuck it
  2. Knot it
  3. Add Bling
  4. Add Structure


graphicteeandskirt   NottodaySatanShirt

Statement Necklace and/or Assecorries 

CMR_2.2.16_RubyShirt     WakePraySlay_shirt   

Layer the Shirt 


Be Creative and Have Fun!

BlessbyDandy   Graphic Tee  Sanctifiedgirlsruletheworld



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