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5 Ways for Single Moms to reduce stress

Hello Lovelies,

This article is dedicated to all of my single moms. Being a parent is not an easy task because you are responsible for another human being’s safety, security and well-being. Juggling work, tasks at home, errands, cooking and family time is not easy and it can be especially daunting when you are a single mother and you have to be both mother and father.  So, what can a single mother do to reduce stress? How can you keep from losing your mind?  Read this article and I hope it will help encourage some of my single mothers.



  1. Have a budget and be realistic about your finances – It is important to learn how to track your income and expenses. Think about regular monthly expenses but then also think about upcoming events, holidays, birthdays, school functions etc. Being prepared and thinking ahead can really help with planning financial strategies to stretch your money.  Try to shop ahead – for example – I always purchase holiday items at a discount once the holiday is over. I purchase Christmas items at 60%-75% after Christmas. I set some money aside and purchase little things that will last until next year.  I do the same after every holiday – Valentine’s day, Easter, etc. So, this year I do not have to worry about items for my daughter’s Valentine party at school – purchased all the goody bags, valentine cards and non-perishable items last year. So, this year I am ready for her school parties.
  2. Have a schedule and/or routine – If you feel like you are always rushing around and life is always hectic, take a minute and slow down and create a realistic schedule. I often lay out clothes the night before so that the mornings are less hectic.
  3. Develop a good support system – Many times we have family, friends or co-workers that offer their help and sometimes we are hesitant to accept the help. If you have good people who are willing to help, then let them help you!
  4. Stop Trying to be SUPERMOM – Yep, that’s right put away your cape!  Now, this is a lesson I had to learn and I am not a single mother. I had to learn to stop trying to do it all and stop worrying about EVERYTHING!  Some things are just out of our control and we have to learn to accept it.
  5. Make Time for Yourself – This is probably the most important item and it relates to everything else on this list. It is so vital for us to take time for ourselves. You need time to recharge, refuel and just re-energize yourself. So, it is important for you to find a few moments of “me time” so that you can have a balanced time.



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