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5 Gifts to Help you Grow in 2017

Happy New Year Lovelies!

Wow, can you believe it we are in 2017!  It’s a new year and I personally love this time of  year for so many reasons.  It is a chance to start over, do better, make changes and just move past old things in your life. Now, I am not talking about resolutions but I am talking about really making the decision to move forward and GROW! I always take some time to reflect on my life at the close of each year, I look at things I wanted to accomplish, I relive certain experiences from the year but most importantly I make important decisions about my personal growth.

As we are in the process of striving to be this Proverbs 31 woman this is a good time to reflect on where we are in that process. Remember loves, it is a journey not a race!  Every woman has a different path,a  different course and we cannot travel this journey based on someone else.

I want to share 5 gifts that the Lord gave me for my personal and spiritual growth. (Notice I said gifts not resolutions!)

Be Blessed and Encouraged Loves – remember Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman? The answer is – She Found You!

  1. Accountability – Growing up I have always been the sort of person who felt accountable to teachers, peer groups, church leaders, family etc.  If I was not somewhere I made sure to let the appropriate people know, I wanted them to know where I was and why I was not where I was expected to be.  As I got older and watched other people, it seemed like it was not a trait that other people valued and so I began to feel like I needed to change and “go with the flow”. “Why should I be accountable?” Then the Lord spoke to me and I realized that based on who I was, my position in my church, on my job and my status in my community this was a trait that made me who I was.
  2. Godly Compassion – I had always thought myself to be a kind and compassionate person. I thought I was one of those with a “good and honest heart” as the scripture says in the parable of the sower (Luke 8:15). The Lord showed me through a couple of experiences that Godly compassion comes from the Holy Spirit and not from ourselves.  It takes Godly compassion to be able to minister to people regardless of my personal feelings about them or their actions.  God has the power to save, not ME. So, as his minister I have to minister according to the spirit of compassion that comes from the Father above through the Holy Spirit.
  3. Assurance in ministry– I had been going through some internal struggles about my role in my ministry. I had always been one to strive for excellence – being 10 times better according to Daniel 5th chapter. But once I got married, I very quickly shifted into the role of assisting and taking a back seat.  I pushed my husband and others but I would internally hold back because I felt my place was to assist my husband and let him shine as the leader.  The Lord showed me that he called me and because he called me, I had to fulfill my calling according to the word of God. The Lord showed me that my husband was not the type of man to be intimidated by my success, he has always been my biggest fan and strongest supporter. So, the doubt and insecurities were put on me by the enemy(satan).
  4. A Praying spirit – Now, this does not mean that I did not pray on a regular basis. But as I was reading my bible, the Lord lead me to read about prayer. I discovered that there were certain ways that the men of women of God prayed and God would hear them and move mightily. I realized that God did not always hear the prayers of the Children of Israel, at one point they were in such a bad condition that the Lord blocked their prayers from reaching him (Lamentations 3:44). The prophet had to pray the right prayer so that God would hear them and God did hear them because the prophet had a praying spirit.  A praying spirit does not mean that I did not pray but I want to be one of the ones who knows how to pray in the spirit to cause God to incline his ear to me. I want God to hear me when I pray.
  5. Patience – Now this is something that we ALL can use a little more of right? Yeah, of course I am right.  The Lord revealed to me that I need to follow the example of Abraham, Abraham waited on the Lord and he did not waver, I am learning more and more how to wait on the Lord and not be discouraged when I do not see the Lord moving as I want.  I am learning more and more to trust and wait on the Lord.


The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. – Lamentations 3:25


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