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3 Reasons Every Woman Needs Her Own Space

It’s no secret that a woman’s touch makes a house a home. We love decorating, adding our own unique family treasures, and creating a warm inviting space for our family. Some experts believe that one’s external expression of style and/or decor mirrors our inner sense of self.

We recently moved and our new house has so many wonderful and inviting features that I immediately fell in love with. As with most of us, I immediately set out to create wonderful, warm, inviting spaces for my family. I decorated my 16 year old’s room and gave her a nice teen bedroom.  I then set out to create the perfect little girl oasis for my 8-year-old complete with a reading nook and a tulle curtain for her little reading area.

Since my husband works from home, I wanted to create a nice space for him to work and meet with members of our church as needed. Soon, every room in the house was complete! Everyone had their own space EXCEPT for me.

I was scrolling on Pinterest one day and I saw the pin of a lady who created her own DIY coffee bar and I had an “aha moment”. I would also create a space for myself. Why not? More importantly why hadn’t I done this before?

3 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Space


  1. Need a place for renewing, retreat & reflection

    As women we are busy being caregivers, professionals, working in the ministry, caring for our families and the list goes on and on. We often take the role of a “martyr” because we often sacrifice our happiness for that of others.  I have learned that it is unhealthy for us to neglect ourselves.  It is important to have a small dedicated space that is ours for prayer, relaxation, exercise, reading etc.  In my case, I decided to create my own version of a Parisian Cafe.

  2. Establish your own sense of value and worth

    We often spend our time building up others and validating others while neglecting our own value and self-worth.  This can often leads to feelings of “being taken for granted” and “feeling unappreciated”. My Cafe’ is a no-child zone, where I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea by myself with my friends. It is just nice to know that I have a space in the house that is just for me and everyone knows the Cafe’ is “Mom’s Space” and I am okay with that!

  3. Gives you a place when you need to “Take a Moment”

    Let’s face it ladies, sometimes we just need to take a moment.  Life gets hectic, frustrations run high, and you can’t always hop on a plane to escape! So why not have a space that is all yours just to take a moment to exhale and pause in the chaos of life.

Enjoy these photos of my Paris inspired Cafe’

img_5030 img_5044




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